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Escuela Europea De Negocios (EEN)

About EEN:

The European Business School (EEN), founded in the hands of D. Jesus Lopez Davalillo in 1986 is one of the leading business schools, aimed at training postgraduates and executives in Europe and America. The central campus is located in Madrid (Spain) as well as five other locations; Granada, Murcia, Oviedo, Salamanca and Valladolid; besides being established in Argentina, Bolivia (4 seats), Ecuador and Peru.

The European Business School is characterized by the provision of training and practical with a strong international and innovative focus, working very closely in drawing up the master programmes together with educational institutions and private businesses.

EEN was one of the first institutions to incorporate areas of expertise in aspects of personal development within their programs by adding a series of workshops to develop the effectiveness and professionalism of their students.

EEN about EEN:

MBA. Master of business administration
# Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) puts focus on the role of the manager/entrepreneur in a larger business context from a broad and pragmatic perspective.

# Our aim is to produce leaders with the ability to make organisations and people work together through an effective knowledge of the different areas underpinning current business frameworks. Leaders with an understanding of an increasingly tougher competition, and of the importance of cooperation, specialised knowledge, new technology and globalised markets.

# Our MBA programme stresses academic excellence and, in addition to facilitating specialised knowledge and efficient management skills, it promotes the sort of individual and leadership qualities, as well as conceptual and analytical abilities, that are essential in today’s corporate world.


Within its annual event, the document supplement of the newspaper El Mundo, has published its ranking with 250 Masters (which does not include MBA) and where EEN's programs have occupied the top positions, and a comprehensive guide to the MBA, which EEN appears with the article "The company, beyond the right direction", which details the various versions of this program we teach.

In the ranking within Business Administration, and in paragraph Quality Management, EEN takes 3nd position in Master Comprehensive Management. Within the specialty Labor and Human Resources EEN takes position 5 in the field of Masters degree in Human Resource Management.

Contact Information:

Escuela Europea De Negocios (EEN)
Admissions contact: Flor Arroyo
Escuela Europea de Negocios
Avenida de Burgos 16D
Madrid 28036
Phone: +34 (0)91 3029210

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