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European University Barcelona (EU)


European University (EU) is one of the world's top business schools recognized for the excellence of its students and faculty. Over the past 30 years, EU has developed a business education that delivers high quality teaching, a competitive learning environment and a network of several campuses in different countries. This broad network encourages students to participate in inter-campus exchanges in the following countries: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Singapore.

EU offers the traditional program of Master of Business Administration (MBA) and also the possibility to specialize in 11 different fields of management education as for example; MBA in Communication and Public Relations, Master of Science in Information Systems, MBA in Leisure and Tourism Management, Master of Technology Management, MBA in Finance-Banking and Corporate Finance, MBA in Multimedia Management, MBA in Sports Management, MBA in Telecommunications Management, MBA of Shipping Management and MBA in Human Resources Management.

The first goal of EU is to bring the American education model to Europe by relating classroom theory to professional skills. The courses are taught in English using the case study method to prevent business theory from remaining abstract and incomprehensible. The second goal of EU is to internationalize its programs by providing a unique environment. An international perspective is guaranteed by the composition of the faculty and student body; EU Barcelona attracts students from over 65 different countries and as such offers a truly international education. This unique learning environment is reinforced by the modern study faculties and superb conditions. Small classes of 20 to 25 students encourage interactive discussions and guarantee quick feedback between students and faculty. This personalized attention from an outstanding faculty ensures constant development of student communication and leadership skills. Faculty members are chosen carefully from the business world and posses experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders. In this way they are able to bring real business experience into the classroom. Students also gain invaluable business experience attending industrial visits to multinational companies, seminars with guest speakers and study tours.

Barcelona is a booming business and cultural capital. It offers an excellent standard of living with inexpensive, reliable public transport, a busy international airport and port. The University, located in the exclusive Bonanova area, is served by major bus and subway routes. EU staff assist students to find shared housing in this area. The multicultural environment found at EU coupled with the choice of business courses is essential to providing students with the keen analytical skills and cultural sensitivity needed to succeed in today's global marketplace.

European University Barcelona (EU)
Ganduxer 70
08021 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 2018171
Fax: +34 93 2017935

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