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Spain Travel Information


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Check out the best places to look for cheap flights to Spain. You can save a lot if you compare different travel-websites before ordering your next travel.

 Spanish hotels within budget


Check out our reccomended sites and compare prices before making the final decision on which hotel to stay in. Prices varies a lot from season to season, and it you can save a lot of money doing some research in advance



Make sure not to end up in the most over-crowded areas - see an overview of the best beaches in Spain.

Traffic Regulations

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Driving in Spain can be quite different from what you are used to at home. Read through our advice on following traffic regulations in Spain before you head out on the roads.

Types of hotels

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Everything from Cheap hostals to luxurious 5-star hotels rebuilt from old castles. Spain has a long list of tourist-resorts that can offer you most types of accomodation.

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Take a look at some inspiring pictures from Spain that might help you choose your destination.



Most popular regions for foreign visitors to Spain:

* Andalucia 14%
* Catalunia 10%
* Balearics 10%
* Canarias 10%
* Valencia 9%
* Madrid 6%

Most common method of transportation:

* 71% arrived by air
* 23% arrived by road
* 5% arrived by sea
* 3% arrived by train

The reason for coming was:

* Vacation 85%
* Work/Study 8%
* Family 5%
* Other 2%


The Airports used as an entry point were:

* Palma 6.8 million
* Tenerife Sur 3.6 m
* Barcelona 3.6 m
* Madrid 3.5 m
* Malaga 3.5 m
* Gran Canaria 2.9 m
* Alicante 2.4 m
* Lanzarote 1.7 m
* Ibiza 1.4 m
* Menorca 0.9 m
* Others 3.4 m

Average stay was 11 nights

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